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Any dog owners - there’s a bad virus going round at the moment, reading about it non stop. Vets are putting out advice as it’s spreading really fast and they’re seeing an advanced amount of admissions.

Try stay away from parks, don’t let your dog drink outside water, puddles etc and not to sniff Description: 💩. And clean your dogs paws after every walk in case they’ve walked in the virus then catch it when cleaning themselves Description: 🥺

This is from a vet Description: 👇

Vets are reporting higher than usual occurrences of gastroenteritis in dogs which is fitting with a wider phenomenon as reported by The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET). So far we have found that the cases seen- whilst clearly being poorly- have responded well to treatment.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) advise that with prompt veterinary treatment almost all dogs make a full recovery from this uncommonly violent gastric bug.

How Is This Vomiting Bug Different?

According to Vet Dr Danielle Greenberg of SAVSNET, this vomiting bug is unusual due to:

Prolific vomiting of 5 or more episodes in a 12 hour period which can stop for a period (such as overnight) and then starts again

Dogs are often unable to keep water down at peak vomiting stage

Anorexia and lethargy for 2-5 days

Diarrhoea: Most dogs have ‘gravy-like’ diarrhoea

Full recovery can take 5-10 days

What We Know So Far:

This outbreak is affecting areas across the Midlands, Wales, the North of England and Northern Ireland

The illness is most likely a virus but has not yet been identified.

Seems to be dog-specific, thankfully humans don’t appear to be at risk.

This is not caused by Parvo or Salmonella


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